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Need to sell your Electronic Components? Our company has bought excess inventory and obsolete electronic components for more than 25 years from major corporations such as Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Motorola. Sell your electronic components - Military or Commercial - to us:

What We Buy...
  • Integrated Circuits, Microcircuits
  • Transistors Diodes
  • Relays, Switches & Connectors
  • Board Level/Surplus Electronic Components
  • Capacitors & Resistors
  • Actives Semiconductors/Passive

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The easiest way to sell your surplus inventory is by completing the form below or attaching an electronic file. Don't have a list ready? Send it to us, we pay shipping. Click here for more info.

We offer a unique consignment program for maximum return called "The FastFlex Program". Click here for more info. In the "Comments" window below, let us know if you have a desired price in mind and whether you want to sell your surplus by either entire lot or per line item. (Expect a response within 24 hours)

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