Our History

In 1986, Robert Carreon began a one-man scrap metal and electronics salvage business run from a three bedroom apartment in the city of Whittier, California. The Electronic surplus and salvage boom encompassed the entire industry by the early 1990s; because of this, we saw a need to supply and distribute hard to find and obsolete electronic components from the vast supplies of components coming out of the California Defense and Aerospace Contractors. In 1992, Robert was joined in the business by his son Dustin to create a subsidiary, especially in the area of electronic components?new and unused?surplus. By 1992, it became obvious that there was both a need and demand for these obsolete electronic components.

In 1996, Freelance Electronics was established as a separate entity and focused solely on the distribution of electronic components, with a specialization in Military Spec semiconductors. Dustin and his brother Jeff moved into a 1200 sq. ft. building in La Habra, along with three employees and 700 line items of new electronic components. Our vision was to sell just the products that we had in stock, that are hard to find, and that can ship the same day. Since then, the demand for electronic components has resulted in our growth.


  • 2006 - Moved into A new state of the art building in Santa Fe Springs with 10,000 sq. ft. of office and floor space and another 5000 sq. ft. of mezi 2 story shelving
  • 2008 - Reached the 100,000 line item product count
  • 2010 - Added another 6000 sq. ft. of additional storage in the Riverside Area for a total 21,000 sq. ft.
  • 2012 - Started to list online prices and offer the ability to place orders through our website
  • 2012 - Integrated a new ERP system by Axiom called EPDS, to run our entire parts based operation
  • 2013 -Obtained our ISO9000 and ESD 20/20 certifications
  • 2013 - Our inventory surpassed 200,000 line items
  • 2014 - (August) Will launch our enhanced Ecommerce on line platform

                                                                        Dustin Carreon,                            
                                                            President of Freelance Electronics                 

What We Do

We supply electronic components that are hard to find and obsolete for the Medical, Defense, Telecommunication, Consumer, Automotive and any other industry that uses electronic components. Electronic components can be found inside your cell phone, your appliances, your car, ect. These electronic components are also what helps make our military and commercial aircraft function. Of all of these electronic components that are used in our world today, we focus on stocking hard to find and obsolete electronic components that are still being used today, despite how old or obsolete some these products have become. Our philosophy stems from our belief that the products we sell should be:

  • In our stock
  • Available to ship the same day
  • Are rare and hard to find products

All of our stock ships from our own warehouse in Southern California and we aim to have one of the largest inventory of product among the independent distributors. We distribute worldwide to large and small, defense contractors, Contract manufactures, government agencies, universities, armed forces and resellers.

Why We Do It

Technology advances so quickly that, within a short period of time, what was new one day is obsolete the next. Most industries eventually face the inevitability of products becoming outdated. We help solve this dilemma by delivering those hard-to-find products that no one else seems to have. It gives us great satisfaction to deliver these products to our valued customers. We take great pride in knowing that we are providing you with peace of mind, and the tools to increase your business' productivity.

We will scour the earth to find the best quality products that you need today, for the best and most reasonable price. We get satisfaction by providing our clients with the products they are searching for and we make a difference by supporting and helping the supply chain process for the defense industry, medical and technological innovations.

We enjoy developing and giving our employees opportunities that benefit both them and our customers. We are motivated by our customers' demands and strive to be the very best in our niche market. We are constantly trying to improve internally and always look to our core values:

  • Welcome Challenge, Growth, & Development
  • Cultivate Employee Empowerment
  • Passionate about providing an honest & quality customer service experience
  • Upholding our reputation & integrity


Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by both our rigorous internal training program, and our ISO 9001:2015 system. We realize that counterfeiting is one of the biggest challenges facing our industry. Though this has been the downfall of many of our competitors, we combat it by buying not only quality parts, but quality parts that can be traced to the end user. We buy 90% of our inventory straight from the manufacturer and OEMS. The majority of our products are purchased domestically and we physically inspect each item before it is purchased.

The Future

We plan to add more product lines and hard-to-find electronic components to our inventory so we can become a one-stop-shop destination. Building partnerships with our suppliers will help us to do this. We recently upgraded to an eCommerce platform on our website so you can both view the price and purchase, with the click of a single button.

Our vision is to have your experience with us go beyond the traditional channels of buying. We want to make your transaction as simple as possible and continue to increase the information on our site to enhance your online experience.

  • Freelance Electronics
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Freelance Electronics
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