We are a stocking distributor of obsolete electronics components including hard to find military and commercial excess inventory

  • Over 200 million obsolete and hard to find electronic components in stock
  • We purchase & liquidate excess inventory
  • Same day shipping of your purchases
  • Custom screening, military packaging, and recertification Services available Sourcing & Schedule Ordering
  • In Business since 1986, ISO9001:2008 CERTIFIED, ESD 20.20 CERTIFICATION
  • Trustworthy Standards serving our industry since 1986
  • Low $10.00 line item & order minimum. Same day shipping available!
  • View pricing online and place order with the click of a button

Freelance Electronics buys and sells obsolete electronic components such as Integrated Circuits, Diodes, Actives, Passives, Connectors, Switches, Commercial/Military surplus and hard to find electronic components. We are Stocking Distributor of allocated and obsolete electronic components/surplus electronic parts. With over 150,000 lines items in stock and we can ship within 24 hours and offer a low $10 minimum order. We only stock our parts from the most reliable companies/manufacturers in the world and we have an in depth traceability program that guarantees the quality and origins of your electronic components. Freelance Electronics buys excess inventory and we offer an online forum to sell your electronic components. You can sell your company’s excess inventory and or search for your obsolete electronic components online. Call us today and someone would be grateful to take your request.

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ISO 9001 Certified
ESD Certified

R/C Metals Electronic, Inc.
Dba: Freelance Electronics
13197 Sandoval Street
Santa Fe Springs, CA. 90670
P (562) 204-0611
(800) 300-1968
F (562) 204-0621

Hours of Operation
Monday-Thursday 7.30am-4.30pm PST
Friday 7.30am-2.00pm PST (Deadline for next day shipment 11.00am PST)