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Steel Screw Tubular Brass Screw
Circuits w/Strap Clamp w/Strap
Part Number Catalog Number Part Number Catalog Number Part Number Catalog Number
Contact Type
50A 65A 50A
2 2-1437382-6 B102 2-1437382-8 B102S 2-1437381-0 2B102
4 3-1437382-0 B104 3-1437382-6 B104S 2-1437381-2 2B104
6 4-1437382-0 B106-BU 4-1437382-5 B106S 2-1437381-6 2B106
8 4-1437382-9 B108 5-1437382-5 B108S 3-1437381-0 2B108
12 5-1437382-9 B112-BU 6-1437382-7 B112S 3-1437381-3 2B112
2 4-1437381-0 3B102P 5-1437381-6 4B102P
4 4-1437381-1 3B104P 5-1437381-7 4B104P
6 4-1437381-3 3B106P 5-1437381-8 4B106P
8 4-1437381-5 3B108P 5-1437381-9 4B108P
12 4-1437381-7 3B112P 6-1437381-0 4B112P
B100, #B100 Series, One-Piece Blocks, 600 V — Phenolic
Catalog 1308389 Dimensions are in millimeters Dimensions are shown for USA: 1-800-522-6752 South America: 55-11-2103-6000
Revised 6-07
and inches unless otherwise reference purposes only. Canada: 1-905-470-4425 Hong Kong: 852-2735-1628
specified. Specifications subject Mexico: 01-800-733-8926 Japan: 81-44-844-8013 to change. C. America: 52-55-1106-0803 UK: 8706-080-208
Note: All part numbers
are RoHS Compliant.
BUCHANAN Terminal Blocks
Material & Finish
Housing Material—Phenolic, filled
flame retardant
Standard Material—Electrical grade
copper or copper alloy conductor. Steel
screws plated to resist corrosion in most
industrial applications.
Brass Material—For Corrosive
Environment (2B100, 4B100 Series)
Nickel plated brass straps and screws.
Meets specification QQ-N-290A Class 1,
Grade G
Wire Range—Strap Screw: #18-8
AWG solid or stranded; Tubular Clamp:
#14-6 AWG solid or stranded
Screw Type—Strap Screw: #10-32
Binding Head; Tubular Clamp:
#1/4"[6.35]-28 Set Screw
Strap Screw—7/16" [11.11] max. lug
Mechanical Properties
Pitch (terminal spacing)
.63" [16.00]
Wire Strip Length—Strap Screw: as
needed for lugging; Tubular Clamp:
1/2" [12.1]
Electrical Properties
Maximum Current—70A for a single
#6 AWG wire
Operating Voltage—Blocks meet
600V creepage and clearance
requirements for general industrial
control equipment and panelboards;
greatly exceeds IEEE switchgear
standards for 750 volts.
Dielectric Strength (RH 40% @
sea level)—300 Volts/mil thickness
per ASTM D149
UL High Voltage Arc Tracking
(in./min.)—.49-.58 [12.45-14.73]
Environmental Properties
Max. Continuous Temperature
150°C (302°F)
Water Absorption (24hrs. % wt.
gain)—.45% per ASTM D570
Chemical Resistance—Resistant to
acids, alkalies, and aliphatic
hydrocarbons and ketones per
Radiation Resistance (ergs G
(C)—2.7 x 10
UL Independent Testing
Service Recognitions
Wire Sizes—Solid or Stranded,
Tubular Clamp
1—#6 AWG, 1—#8 AWG, 1or 2 —
#10 AWG, 1or 2—#12 AWG, 1 to 3—
#14 AWG, 1 —#10 & 1 —#12 AWG
1 — #12 & 1 — #14 AWG
LR25557 E63810
Except for 3B and 4B Series
Strap Screw Threaded
#8 & Smaller Post & Nut
Removable Link
2 8-1437381-4 5B102
4 8-1437381-5 5B104
6 8-1437381-7 5B106
8 8-1437381-8 5B108
12 9-1437381-0 5B112
Stud, #10-32
2 1-1437382-8 7B102
4 2-1437382-0 7B104
6 2-1437382-1 7B106
8 2-1437382-2 7B108
2-1437382-3 7B112
For prenumbered marking strip, add suffix “N” to Catalog Number. Cannot
be used on 3B or 4B series.
For factory assembled hinged cover, add suffix “H” to
Catalog Number. Cannot be used on 3B or 4B series.
For factory assembled thumbscrew-fastened cover, add suffix “T” to Catalog
Number. Cannot be used on 3B or 4B series.
Screws and removable links shipped unassembled.
*Shorting blocks are supplied with 2 shorting screws each.

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