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Part # MIC29301-5.0WT
Description LDO Regulator Pos 5V 3A Automotive 5-Pin(5+Tab) TO-220
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Technical Document

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Micrel, Inc. MIC29150/29300/29500/29750
May 2010 7
1. Maximum positive supply voltage of 60V must be of limited duration (<100msec) and duty cycle (1%). The maximum continuous supply voltage is
26V. Exceeding the absolute maximum rating may damage the device.
2. The device is not guaranteed to function outside its operating rating.
3. Devices are ESD sensitive. Handling precautions recommended.
4. Specification for packaged product only.
5. Full load current (I
) is defined as 1.5A for the MIC29150, 3A for the MIC29300, 5A for the MIC29500, and 7.5A for the MIC29750 families.
6. Dropout voltage is defined as the input-to-output differential when the output voltage drops to 99% of its normal value with V
+ 1V applied to V
7. V
= V
OUT (nominal)
+ 1V. For example, use V
= 4.3V for a 3.3V regulator or use 6V for a 5V regulator. Employ pulse-testing procedures to pin
8. Ground pin current is the regulator quiescent current. The total current drawn from the source is the sum of the load current plus the ground pin
9. Output voltage temperature coefficient is defined as the worst case voltage change divided by the total temperature range.
10. Thermal regulation is defined as the change in output voltage at a time T after a change in power dissipation is applied, excluding load or line
regulation effects. Specifications are for a200mA load pulse at VIN = 20V (a 4W pulse) for T = 10ms.
11. Comparator thresholds are expressed in terms of a voltage differential at the Adjust terminal below the nominal reference voltage measured at 6V
input. To express these thresholds in terms of output voltage change, multiply by the error amplifier gain = V
= (R1 + R2)/R2. For example,
at a programmed output voltage of 5V, the Error output is guaranteed to go low when the output drops by 95mV x 5V/1.240V = 384mV. Thresholds
remain constant as a percent of V
as V
is varied, with the dropout warning occurring at typically 5% below nominal, 7.7% guaranteed.
12. V
0.8V and V
26V, V
= 0.
13. When used in dual supply systems where the regulator load is returned to a negative supply, the output voltage must be diode clamped to ground.
Micrel, Inc. MIC29150/29300/29500/29750
May 2010 8
Typical Characteristics MIC2915x
Micrel, Inc. MIC29150/29300/29500/29750
May 2010 9