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Technical Document

DISCLAIMER: The information provided herein is solely for informational purposes. Customers must be aware of the suitability of this product for their application, and consider that variable factors such as Manufacturer, Product Category, Date Codes, Pictures and Descriptions may differ from available inventory.

Anaren, Inc. / 6635 Kirkville Road / East Syracuse, NY 13057
800.411.6596 / /
Frequency range: 902-928 MHz (N. America)
and 868-870 MHz (Europe)
FCC, IC and ETSI compliant, shielded package
Digital RSSI output
Programmable output power up to +10dBm
High sensitivity (-112 dBm at 1.2 kBaud, 915
MHz 1% packet error rate)
Ultra-small package size 9 x 16 x 2.5mm
LGA footprint
RoHS compliant
Operating temperature -40 to +85C
Impedance-controlled, multi-layer PCB
1.8 to 3.6 VDC
Low current consumption (15 mA in RX, 1.2
kBaud, 915 MHz)
200 nA sleep mode current consumption
Efficient SPI interface; all registers can be
programmed with one “burst” transfer
Available in tape & reel and matrix tray
The A110LR09A is a ULTRA low cost, high-performance, FCC & IC certi-
fied radio module that incorporates the Texas Instruments CC110L “value
line” transceiver chip in the industrys smallest package (9 x 16 x 2.5mm).
110L Series
Block diagram
This product shall not be used in any of the following products or systems
without prior express written permission from Anaren Microwave, Inc:
(i) implantable cardiac rhythm management systems, including without
limitation pacemakers, defibrillators and cardiac resynchronization devices;
(ii) external cardiac rhythm management systems that communicate
directly with one or more implantable medical devices; or
(iii) other devices used to monitor or treat cardiac function, including without
limitation pressure sensors, biochemical sensors and neurostimulators.
Minimal RF engineering experience necessary
No additional “Intentional Radiator” certifica-
tion required (FCC CFR 47 Part 15, IC RSS-
Minimal real estate required
Easily implemented on a two layer PCB
No additional harmonic filtering required
100% RF-tested in production
Common footprint for product family
No additional DC decoupling required
Integrated analog temperature sensor
Excellent receiver selectivity and blocking
Suitable for frequency hopping systems,
thanks to a fast-settling frequency synthesizer
with 90 μs settling time
Impedance-matched balun for optimized effi-
Support for asynchronous and synchronous
serial receive/transmit mode for backwards
compatibility with existing radio communica-
tion protocols
PLEASE NOTE: Additional information on the Texas Instruments CC110L
device can be found in the company’s latest datasheet release at
Anaren, Inc. / 6635 Kirkville Road / East Syracuse, NY 13057
800.411.6596 / /
Product overview
Caution! ESD sensitive device.
Precautions should be used when
handling the device in order to
prevent permanent damage.
The A110LR09A is a high-performance, dual-
band FCC & IC certified and ETSI compliant radio
module that incorporates the Texas Instruments
CC110L “value line” low-cost transceiver chip in
the industry’s smallest package (9 x 16 x 2.5mm)
and is compatible with all TI-approved software
With an LGA pad footprint, this module is de-
signed to effortlessly integrate into a wide range
of applications, including: industrial control, build-
ing automation, low-power wireless sensor net-
works, lighting control, and automated meter
The A110LR09A has an RoHS-compliant ENIG
finish and is packaged on tape and reel for high-
volume automated manufacturing.
Pin diagram
A (Anaren)
1 Chip series (CC1101, CC110L, CC2500)
2 Function (R = radio only)
3 Frequency band (x100MHz)
4 Form factor (A = Internal Antenna, C = Connector)
5 Design ID (00 = Default)
6 Application (G = General)
7 Packaging (R = Tape/Reel, M = Matrix Tray)
Refer to User’s Manual for additional layout guidelines.
Dimensions in mm.
DNC = Do Not Connect