Fairchild Semiconductor 54F157ADMQB

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Item Description: Multiplexer 1-Element Bipolar8-IN 16-Pin CDIP

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Technical Document

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Original Creation Date: 03/14/96
Last Update Date: 07/30/96
Last Major Revision Date: 03/14/96
MN54F157A-X REV 1A0
QUAD 2-INPUT Multiplexer
General Description
The F157A is a high-speed quad 2-Input multiplexer. Four bits of data from two sources
can be selected using the common Select and Enable inputs. The four buffered outputs
present the selected data in the true (non-inverted) form. The F157A can also be used to
generate any four of the 16 different functions to two variables.
NS Part Numbers
Industry Part Number
Prime Die
MIL-STD-883, Method 5004
Quality Conformance Inspection
MIL-STD-883, Method 5005
Subgrp Description Temp ( C)
1 Static tests at +25
2 Static tests at +125
3 Static tests at -55
4 Dynamic tests at +25
5 Dynamic tests at +125
6 Dynamic tests at -55
7 Functional tests at +25
8A Functional tests at +125
8B Functional tests at -55
9 Switching tests at +25
10 Switching tests at +125
11 Switching tests at -55
MN54F157A-X REV 1A0
- Guaranteed 4000V minimum ESD protection
MN54F157A-X REV 1A0
(Absolute Maximum Ratings)
(Note 1)
Storage Temperature
-65 C to +150 C
Ambient Temperature under Bias
-55 C to +125 C
Junction Temperature under Bias
-55 C to +175 C
Vcc Pin Potential to Ground Pin
-0.5V to +7.0V
Input Voltage
(Note 2)
-0.5V to +7.0V
Input Current
(Note 2)
-30 mA to +5.0mA
Voltage Applied to Output in HIGH State (with Vcc=0V)
-0.5V to VccStandard Output
-0.5V to +5.5VTRI-STATE Output
Current Applied to Output in LOW State (Max)
twice the rated Iol(mA)
ESD Last Passing Voltage (Min)
Note 1: Absolute Maximum ratings are those values beyond which the device may be damaged or
have its useful life impaired. Functional operation under these conditions is not
Note 2: Either voltage limit or current limit is sufficient to protect inputs.
Recommended Operating Conditions
Free Air Ambient Temperature
0 C to +70 CCommercial
-55 C to +125 CMilitary
Supply Voltage
+4.5V to +5.5VMilitary
+4.5V to +5.5VCommercial

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