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DISCLAIMER: The information provided herein is solely for informational purposes. Customers must be aware of the suitability of this product for their application, and consider that variable factors such as Manufacturer, Product Category, Date Codes, Pictures and Descriptions may differ from available inventory.

Interconnect Solutions
Cannon, VEAM, BIW
Cannon, VEAM, BIW
A Historical Achievement of Technology Leadership
Defining and Championing Innovation
Showcasing a portfolio of creativity, ITT’s “Engineered For Life” execution embraces products which have
become ubiquitous in a broad collection of markets including: Military/Aerospace, Civil Aircraft, Industrial
Instrumentation, Medical, Oil & Gas, Energy, Transportation, Telecom/Handset, Computer, Consumer, and
ITT’s rich interconnect history embraces contributions to both technological breakthroughs and social
movements. With one of the industry’s broadest product offerings, ITT’s interconnect products have
Every Free World space mission, bringing the universe to our doorstep.
Motion picture, radio, and television equipment, serving laughter and entertainment to millions.
Commercial and military communications systems, linking the voices of the world.
Computerized tools, reshaping the information highway.
Aircraft, rapid transit, and automobiles, mobilizing our expanding society.
Oil and natural gas production, powering the world’s economies.
Agricultural equipment, attacking the roots of world hunger.
ITT Interconnect Solutions
ITT Interconnect Solutions is a division of the multi-
ational ITT Corporation, a $9 billion dollar global
enterprise representing the brands Cannon, VEAM,
and BIW. Our connector portfolio remains the most
extensive in the industry offering the most reliable and
cost effective range of interconnect solutions. These
innovations have enabled ITT to provide products and
technologies to such markets as:
Oil Fields
When you specify a Cannon, VEAM or BIW connector,
you can rely on a product designed, developed, and
manufactured to the highest quality and reliability
standards. This tradition of excellence is based on ITT’s
corporate culture of operating its businesses under the
principles of Six Sigma. At ITT, Six Sigma
is not just a quality philosophy but a complete
corporate culture that drives the entire business. Our
Value Based Management and Value Based Product
Development systems are two cornerstones that allow
for the development of both leadership and product
engineering principles, ensuring the correct industry
leading products are developed to the accepted
market driven lead times. These principles have
allowed ITT to become the market leader in all of our
business portfolios.
Six Sigma Manufacturing
ITT operates manufacturing facilities in the United
States, Germany, Italy, Mexico, China, Japan and the
UK, all of which have particular product area strengths
allowing ITT to offer a truly global footprint to our
customers. Our facilities are world class and accom-
modate full vertical integration utilizing the latest
manufacturing technologies including: automated and
robotic machining centers, Super Market manufactur-
ing cells, Kanban pull systems, and automated electri-
cal, mechanical, and optical test and inspection equip-
ment. The combination of our manufacturing strength
and our advanced manufacturing facilities allows ITT
to offer products at market driven prices. Our capabili-
ies, especially in robotics, computerized precision tool-
ing, Kaizen Project Management, Six Sigma tools, and
testing, give ITT the most optimized global manufac-
turing footprint in the interconnect industry.
The Custom Difference
As the industry leader in harsh environment intercon-
nect applications, ITT’s world class engineering teams
will work directly with our customers to design and
develop cost effective solutions for their applications.
In many cases we may modify one of our standard
designs to ensure a highly reliable solution where
timing is critical. Yet, in those cases where a complete
custom interconnect solution is required, ITT will work
with our customer’s Engineers to design an intercon-
nect solution which will be cost effective yet highly
reliable. As professional consultants, our Engineering
teams will provide a thorough systems and mechani-
cal analysis of any proposed solution. These analyses
provide our customers with sophisticated electrical
signal and mechanical characterizations to determine
the best solution for their application.
RoHS Compliance Information
ITT has implemented a strict parts control plan for all
ITT electronics plants worldwide that allows the
Cannon, VEAM, and BIW connector product portfolios
to meet the requirements of European Union Directive
2002/95/EC better know as the Reduction of
Hazardous Substances initiative. As appropriate,
specific Cannon, VEAM, and BIW products may be
ordered with an R prefix number which insures our
customers will receive RoHS compliant parts for their
commercial electronics applications and equipment.
Since most RoHS hazardous substances center around
specific metal plating and lead solder coatings, ITT's
products for RoHS compliance are available in the fol-
lowing plating finishes: black zincelectroless nickel,
stainless steel, Anodize over aluminum and Gold plat-
ing. It should be noted that gold plating would be rec-
ommended as the replacement for tin-lead solder
when ordering board mount connectors.