ITT CANNON 050-424-3188220

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Dimensions are shown in mm (inch)
Dimensions subject to change
SSMB (Snap-on)
SSMC (Screw-on)
RF Coaxial Connectors SSMB/SSMC
This range of 50 ohm microminiature radio
frequency connectors is suitable for both military
and commercial equipment operating at
frequencies up to 4 GHz (SSMB) and 12.4 GHz
(SSMC). They provide a choice of Snap-on
(SSMB) or Screw-on (SSMC) and are available for
a wide range of flexible cables.
SSMC connectors are used where a positive
mechanical engagement is required and where
space permits the use of torque wrenches. SSMB
connectors are quick disconnect versions of the
SSMC and are used in applications where limited
space prohibits the use of torque wrenches or
when components or modules must be quickly
changed to keep down time to a minimum.
Mating Interfaces
1) Inside diameter of female contact to meet VSWR
mating characteristics and connector durability
when mated with a 0,36 - 0,38 (.014 - .015)
diameter male contact.
2) Must meet the force to engage and disengage
when mated with its mating part.
Dimensions are shown in mm (inch)
Dimensions subject to change
RF Coaxial Connectors SSMC
Plugs and Receptacles
Mounting Plan U (Page 109)
Mounting Plan U (Page 109)
Straight Plug
Part Number Cable Numbers
050-424-3188220 RG174/U, RG316/U
050-424-3196220 RG178/U, RG196/U
050-424-3875220 RD316
Assembly Instructions
050-424-3188220 AI 663 (Page 114)
050-424-3196220 AI 128 (Page 114)
050-424-3875220 AI 663 (Page 114)
Right Angle Plug
Part Number Cable Numbers A
A50-428-3188220 RG174/U, RG316/U 10,16 (.400)
A50-428-3196220 RG178/U, RG196/U 9,40 (.370)
Assembly Instructions
A50-428-3188220 AI 286 (Page 115)
A50-428-3196220 AI 696 (Page 115)
Bulkhead Receptacle – Rear Mount
Part Number
Bulkhead Receptacle – Front Mount
Part Number
Dimensions are shown in mm (inch)
Dimensions subject to change
RF Coaxial Connectors SSMC
Printed Circuit Receptacles
Mounting Plan C (Page 108)
Printed Circuit Receptacle – Straight Jack
Part Number
Mounting Plan C (Page 108)
Printed Circuit Receptacle – Right Angle Jack
Part Number

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