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Part # 000-46650-75RFX
Description CONN ACC BNC 75OHM M CAP - Bulk
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Technical Document

DISCLAIMER: The information provided herein is solely for informational purposes. Customers must be aware of the suitability of this product for their application, and consider that variable factors such as Manufacturer, Product Category, Date Codes, Pictures and Descriptions may differ from available inventory.

Cable Group Listing
RF: 800-627-7100
RF: 800-627-7100
BNC Connectors
Developed in the late 1940’s as a miniature version of the Type C connector, BNC stands for Bayonet Neill Concelman
and is named after Amphenol engineer Carl Concelman. The BNC product line is a miniature quick connect/disconnect
RF connector. It features two bayonet lugs on the female connector; mating is achieved with only a quarter turn of the
coupling nut. BNC’s are ideally suited for cable termination for miniature to subminiature coaxial cable (RG-58, 59, to
RG-179, RG-316, etc.)
Amphenol 50 Ω BNC connectors are miniature, lightweight units useable up to 11 GHz and typically yield low reflection
through 4 GHz. Designed to accommodate a large variety of RG and industry standard cables, BNC connectors are avail-
able in crimp/crimp, clamp/solder, SURETWIST
, and field serviceable termination styles. A full line of printed circuit board
receptacles, bulkhead receptacles, resistor terminations, and other accessories complement the product offering.
A variety of our 50 Ω BNC connectors are recognized under the Component program of Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc.
These connectors are ideal for use with medical equipment and test instrumentation where safety cannot be compromised.
Amphenol also offers a full line of 75 Ω BNC connectors to meet the needs for higher performance impedance-matched
cable interconnections. These connectors can be used in a variety of applications where true 75 Ω performance is needed
to insure low signal distortion. Designed for the most popular 75 Ω cables used in broadcast and telecommunications
applications as well as for plenum and other cables, these connectors feature crimp-crimp cable affixment for quick and
reliable installation.
Part numbers that are listed with the appropriate M39012 number are military grade connectors produced in accordance
with and actively qualified to the military specification MIL-C-39012. Connectors not listed with the M39012 number
constitute the industrial grade product offering. These connectors provide comparable performance and generally feature
nickel-plated brass bodies, Teflon insulators, and either gold or silver-plated center contacts. Amphenol’s commercial grade
connector offering carries the part number designation “RFX” for easy recognition. These low-cost connectors typically
utilize die cast and molded components.
Reverse Polarity BNC’s are also available. Reverse polarity is a keying system accomplished with a reverse interface, and
ensures that reverse polarity interface connectors do not mate with standard interface connectors. Amphenol accomplishes
this by inserting female contacts into plugs and male contacts into jacks. Other manufacturers may use reverse threading to
accomplish reverse polarity keying.
•Antennas •SurgeProtection
•BaseStations •Telecom
•Broadcast •Instrumentation
•CableAssemblies •Oscilloscopes
•Computers/LANs •MedicalEquipment
RF: 800-627-7100
50 Ω BNC Specifications
Impedance 50 Ω nominal
Frequency range DC - 4 GHz (usable to 11 GHz)
VSWR 1.3 max. @ DC - 4 GHz (straight)
1.35 max. @ DC - 4 GHz (right-angle)
RF-leakage 55 dB minimum @ 3 GHz
Voltage rating (at sea level) ≥ 500 V peak (depending on cable)
Contact resistance center contact: ≤ 1.5 mΩ
outer contact: ≤ 0.2 mΩ
braid to body: ≤ 0.1 mΩ
Insulation resistance 5,000 MΩ minimum
Insertion loss maximum 0.2 dB max. @ 3 GHz
Dielectric withstanding voltage 1,500 Vrms (at sea level)
Mating 2-stud bayonet lock coupling (MIL-STD-348)
Attachment method (inner / outer) Crimp, clamp
Coupling torque, min./max. 0.6 / 2.5 in-lbs (7 / 28 N-cm)
Coupling nut retention force 101 lbs (450N) min.
Center contact retention force ≥ 6.1 lbs (27N)
Braid/Jacket cable affixment Hex crimp or screw-threaded clamps
Center conductor cable affixment Crimp or solder
Engagement force ≤ 5 lbs (22N)
Disengagement force ≥ 1.5 lbs (7N)
Durability (matings) 500 cycles minimum
Temperature range -65°C to +165°C
- copolymer of styrene: -55°C to +85°C
Hermetic seals Helium leak test, 2 x 10^8 cc/sec.
Thermal shock MIL-STD-202, method 102, cond. D
Moisture resistance MIL-STD-202, method 106
Corrosion MIL-STD-202, method 101, cond. B
Vibration MIL-STD-202, method 204, cond. D
Mechanical shock MIL-STD-202, method 202
Altitude MIL-STD-202, method 105, cond. C
Note: These characteristics are typical but may not apply to all connectors.