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Part # C1825C474K5RACTU
Description CAP 0.47UF 50VDC X7R 10% SMD1825 - Tape and Reel
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Generated 6/07/2017 - 86c26ca6-9154-4438-84f6-0f419a4c7590
KEMET Part Number: C1825C474K5RACTU
Capacitor, Ceramic, SMD, MLCC, Temperature Stable, Class II, 0.47 uF, +/-10% Tol, 50 V, X7R, 1825
Dimensions (mm)
Symbol Dimension Tolerance
L 4.5 +/-0.3
W 6.4 +/-0.4
T 1.1 +/-0.15
B 0.6 +/-0.35
Packaging Specifications
Package Kind: T&R
Package Size: 7 in/180 mm
Package Type: Plastic Tape
Package Quantity: 1000
General Information
Supplier: KEMET
Application: Standard Chip
Chip Size: 1825
Temperature Coefficient: X7R
Part Type Description:
SMD, MLCC, Temperature
Stable, Class II
Termination Type: Tin (Sn)
Marked: No
RoHS: Yes
Capacitance: 0.47 uF
Voltage: 50 V
Tolerance: +/-10%
Temperature Range: -55/+125C
Dissipation Factor: 2.5%
Failure Rate: N/A
Aging Rate: 3% loss/decade hour
Insulation Resistance: 2.13 GOhm
Dielectric Strength: 125 V
Note: Referee time for X7R
dielectric for this part number is
1000 hours
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